Marion Kalter


Cover of the book HERSTORY bookmachine 2013

Cover of the book "All around Ted Joans" published in 2015 by bookmachine

Book about Pierre Boulez published by bookmachine 2015

cover and back of the booklet of the ZKM exhibition "Silent Piece" , Karlsruhe 2013

Cover of the book accompanying the Claude Levi Strauss Exhibition in Naples, Electa publisher 2008

Cover of the Issue with some polaroids in the Austrian Magazine "SALZ" with a text by Peter Weiermair

magazine Canal winter 84/85

magazine "Photographies" 1984 page 1

magazine "Photographies" 1984 page 2

Passion Magazine Paris First Isssue Nov 12-25 1981

article in "Femme Pratique" Part 1

Article in Femme Pratique part 2

Article in Femme Pratique page 3

article by Renaud Machart, Le Monde August 1999

Kreusnach by Marcel Proust, Franziska Raimund (Translator), Albrecht Betz, Marion Kalter (Photography) Tartin edition 2004

Salvatore Sciarrino poster_Salzburg_festival_2011

"Violet" magazine 2016 page 1

armory concert new york city october 6 and 7 2017 ©marionkalter

Cover of the Catalogue of the exhibition HERSTORY, 48 pages and with a text by Jacques Victor Giraud and Eugène Guillevic, June 2018

inside cover of the catalogue

Cover of the Book published by Hartmann Books March 2022