Marion Kalter




I began my work in photography in earnest while I was working at the famous “Rencontres d’Arles” during the 1970s where I was employed as an interpreter. This included translating workshops by photographers such as David Hurn, Mary Ellen Mark, Marc Riboud, Ralph Gibson, et. al. It was at that time that I began creating self-portraits. While much of my career has been devoted to taking portraits of famous artists, musicians and philosophers, much of my personal oeuvre has been focused on the creation of self-portraits.

“Marion Kalter has been following two paths simultaneously, practicing two genres: the portrait and the self-portrait, the documentary and the fictive autobiography (or auto-fiction).
Self-portraits are characterized by tension and harmony – the musical analogy is apt – between the anxiety of introspection, the pathos of confrontation with the self, and an exuberant playfulness of staging. The artist spins a yarn, invents as much as she reveals truths, exposes herself as much as she disguises. Kalter’s self-portraits are both a genealogical exploration and reconstruction. Through a play between imitation and the recreation of situations and domestic settings once lived, Kalter relocates the figures who marked her childhood and determined the course of her personal biography. This work constitutes a personal mythology in pictorial form.” *

* text by Jean-François Chevrier


Born in Salzburg, Austria, 1951

Lives and works  in France and Austria



University of Florence, Italy 1969

B.A., Mount Holyoke College, ( studies with Alfred Leslie and Richard Stankiewicz at Amherst College ) USA 1972

M.A., Université de Paris VII, France 1978



Photogalerie, Paris and Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles (1975-1977)

1977-2016 at the Pompidou Center, Educational Program, Paris

Photography lecturing at Parsons School of Design, Paris

Photocritic with Printletter  (1975-1982), then with European Photography (1982 till 2006)

Publications with  Photographies, Canal, die Zeit, Art, Du, TagesAnzeiger Magazin, Le Monde, Liberation  Violet, New Yorker, etc…

Since 1997 represented by the Agencies AKG-images and Bridgeman Images

2017  Beijing Residency awarded by the Province of Salzburg, Austria

2018  London Residency awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture

2020 Merida Mexico Residency awarded by the Province of Salzburg (postponed to 2021)

2023 Varanasi India Residency awarded by the Province of Salzburg

2024 Grant for the whole year awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture for the project “My grandmother’s wedding trip from Vienna to Norway 1907”


Solo Exhibitions

1977 Galerie Village Voice  (Paris)

1985 Centre Audio Visuel Simone de Beauvoir  (Paris)

1989  Médiathèque Ceccano  (Avignon)

1989 Librairie Actes Sud  (Arles)

1989  Festival de la Roque d’Anthéron (Roque d’Anthéron)

1997  La Maison Française  New York University  (New York)

1999  Galerie Maxkunst  (Salzburg)

2013  ZKM Karlsruhe „Silent Piece“ (Karlsruhe)

2014  ArtBoretum  „HERSTORY“ (Argenton sur Creuse)

2016  Galerie Fotohof  „HERSTORY“ (Salzburg) (nominated for the Deutsche Boerse Prize 2017)

2019  Chelsea Arts Club “Different Trains” (London)

2022 Museum der Moderne Rupertinum “Deep Time” (Salzburg)


Group Exhibitions

1996 “Les  mères et les filles”  Mois de la Photo (Paris)

2000 Galerie Municipale du Chateau d’Eau  (Toulouse)

2000 Galerie Fotohof  “Interna”  (Salzburg)

2002 Bibliothèque Nationale  (Paris)

2006 Galerie pro arte   “Männer ohne nerven“ (Hallein)

2012 Kunstverein Kärnten „Die erklärte Ausstellung“ (Klagenfurt)

2015  ArtBoretum “Dernières  Acquisitions” (Argenton sur Creuse)

2016 Salzburger Kunstverein “SALO” (Salzburg)

2017 Deutschvilla Strobl “Sinnlos” (Strobl)

2018 Le Pavé d’Orsay “La topologie mise en cage” (Paris)

2019 ZKM “Writing the History of the Future”, ZKM Collection (Karlsruhe)

2019 Gallery Traklhaus “Acquisitions from the Land Salzburg 2017-2019” (Salzburg)

2020 Kunst-Litfaßsäulen 2020 (Salzburg)
2022 one artist-one minute Stadtgalerie Lehen (Salzburg)

2022 Gallery  Traklhaus “Acquisions from the Land Salzburg 2020-2022” (Salzburg)

2022  Sept Elzevir “La topologie mise en cage du réel ” (Paris)

2023 Gallery LangArt “A Tribute to Letizia Battaglia” (Amsterdam) with  Gijs Assmann, Merijn Bolink, Santi Caleca, Olga Chernysheva, Marlene Dumas, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Alessandro Guerriero, Afredo Jaar, Marion Kalter, Susan Meiselas, Sylvia Plachy, Lia Pasqualino, Maria D. Rapicavoli, Dayanita Singh, Shobha, Emo Verkerk and Franco Zecchin


2000 Collection of the city of Vienna

2003 National Portrait Gallery London

2005 Bibliotheque Nationale Paris

2008 French Institute Tokyo

2014 ZKM Karlsruhe

2016 Photography and Media collection of Austria at the MDM Salzburg

2017 Collection of Land Salzburg

2021 Collection of Land Salzburg

2023 Photography and Media collection of Austria at the MDM Salzburg

2024 Photographic Collection of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg